Serendipity's Haven

Established 2000

We have retire Skeeter.  We

no longer are breeding Snorkies

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​​​Breeder of Miniature  Schnauzers

Sadee -  Dam  

Sadee is a parti colored purebred  Miniature Schnauzer.  She is so sweet love to

go with us everywhere with us. 


Davis - Sire

Ida - Dam

Skeeter - Dam

Dixie Plunkett Mini Schnauzer Puppy Breeder

An energetic, playful purebred Mini Schnauzer

Lovable and playful purebred Mini Schnauzer

A beautiful, well mannered  and gentle Snorkie

I got my first Snorkie in 1996 when all my children left home. I just needed a companion in the home while hubby was at work. It was just too quiet. She was such a devoted little dog. She followed me everywhere I went, never under my feet, just beside me. She was very quiet not a barker or yipper. I really loved her.

I raised and bred German Shepherds for years which I truly loved doing. But as I got older I decided it was to much work doing the outside thing. So I decided to not breed shepherds anymore. At the same time I had my Snorkie. After she passed away, I sooo much wanted another, I just missed her so much.

“Skeeter” is  my new Snorkie. She is so much like my first, very quiet and devoted to me. So I decided to breed Snorkies and share this great new breed with others.