Skeeter (Dam) (left) Skeeter is our Snorkie, we breed her with Cody our Yorkshire Terrier. She is half Yorkshire Terrier and Half Miniature Schnauzer. She is silver grey in color. Her babies are usually less than 8 pounds when full grown. She is a real sweetheart, she loves to be with me and follows me everywhere. She loves children and adults alike and greets them with her tail wagging. She is a wonderful mother. 

Cody (Sire) (right) - Cody is an A.K.C. registered Yorkshire Terrier, he has brought us much delight from the moment he joined our family. He is filled with silly boyish quirks. He loves to snuggle up close for hugs and kisses. Then he is off to join the others.

Per Breed Mini Schnauzers

Davis (Sir) (left) is  little Prince Charming he is a real sweetheart. He loves to cuddle as you love and dote on him. He moves up close in your lap, looks you in the eyes as if to say aren’t I something special. He is full of energy and loves to greet our friends at the door.

Ida (Dam) (right)  is a lovable, playful purebred Mini Schnauzer, she is solid black, she love to cuddly up close and loves you to pet her. If you stop she will take her paw and gently reach over and touches your hand as if to say don’t stop. She will continue this until you resume. She is a good mamma loves her babies.

Snorkie & Mini Schnauzer Dogs

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