Serendipity's Haven

Established 2000

“I have known Dixie for several years. I have visited her home often, and have been impressed with the love and care she lavishes on her dogs. They are well behaved, obedient, friendly, and a lot of fun!  Dixie’s experience and knowledge of her dogs is obvious. In all my dealings with her, she has proven herself to be honest, reliable, and conscientious. Her puppies are raised in a loving and caring environment, and I would not hesitate to purchase a puppy from her.”
Debbie C.,  Valley, WA

“Dixie Plunkett’s breeding style is with love and compassion and it shows in her dogs. All dogs in her home are very well behaved and maintained.  I’m so excited to bring my new puppy home knowing where it was bred; the sire and dam are so adorable and well-mannered and quiet but playful too.

I’ve also seen her German Shepherds that she used to breed.  They too were always taken excellent care of, their kennel conditions clean. Anyone purchasing a puppy from Dixie is sure to be delighted with their puppy and can feel confident in their puppies bloodline and breeding."

2016 Follow up - "I have three Snorkies from Dixie, two are 3-years old, one is 2-years old. We could not be happier with our dogs.  They bring us immense joy every day, their personalities are priceless.  I never knew how wonderful Snorkies would be, I am in pure heaven!"

Ramona B., Spokane, WA